This Has Been a Dream Come True

Cultural Diversity Network International (CDNI) based in South Sydney seeks partnerships with local churches and government agencies to allow us to improve the quality of people's lives today and for the future. We work with some of the most vulnerable people in society including refugees and people with disabilities.

We are so grateful to Good360 and all its partners in offering the much needed material support to individuals and families in our community. This has been a dream come true in our mission.

The stunning ladies shoes we received from Shoes of Prey and the thongs were given away to refugee families newly arrived from Syria, Iraq and the Congo. These families come with so little and we are blessed to be able to give them these products.

The coffee makers and other kitchen dishes were also handed out and made a huge difference. Enabling families to set themselves up with the basics who have traveled so far and have so far to go. Intercepting them at this time in their journey at their most vulnerable and being able to give them something. Well that is inspirational.
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