Adding Joy to Regional Preschools Kids

Gunawirra focusses on trauma therapy, art therapy and other interventions to support disadvantaged indigenous children and their families

It was Christmas 2017 when we were again able to draw a smile on 1,914 little faces with our delivered donations. Last December Gunawirra with the help from Good360 was able to support more than 30 preschools in need across regional NSW.

It was hard work to get more than 200 boxes packed, sorted and shipped to many different locations, miles away, but when the photos of the many happy kids came out, it propelled us to work even harder this year!

Each year we receive donations of Christmas toys from many individuals however, we usually do not receive enough for all the children we support. The items we were able to source through Good360 made all the difference, and meant we sent the biggest number of gifts to our supported pre-school ever.

The Good360 people we worked with were very responsive and caring. I was amazed to see the scale of your operation when I visited in my truck to pickup the goods. Special thanks to all who helped make this happen!
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